Hello beautiful Earth Angels

Love, joy and abundance to you all for the year to come, and beyond. 2015 resonates with a freedom that we haven’t felt for some years. It feels like our creativity will be heightened, as well as our ability to manifest with more ease, as the year flows on.

Today I have a message from the Star Ancestors, in unison with ancient Earth Guardians, about a new teaching vibration that is opening right now. This came through last Tuesday, 30 December 2014, whilst I was on the sacred grounds of Rainbow Beach – a place very close to my heart. The Star Ancestors asked that I share this as soon as I can, and I feel honoured and humbled to be the messenger. As always, please take from this what you need and let go of the rest. It is shared with love and deep respect.

Crystal Teachers downloading codes

Crystal Teachers downloading codes

Shifting to a Cellular Light Exchange

“It is time for a new teaching light to birth through those lightworkers who carry it. The global energy of teaching, across all levels of consciousness, has shifted to a cellular light exchange. Whilst this is a Divine truth and has been in action through many teachers for some time, a conscious shift into the new vibration is necessary now. It is a delineation point that marks the transition into a new frequency on Earth and an inter-dimensional understanding on the sharing of knowledge.

Communication on a physical level is no longer required for the learning to occur. You understand that you have all been learning by osmosis. There will now be a new understanding by all – not just the light workers, that embraces learning through cellular light exchange. But the understanding and integration needs to occur with the teachers first.

As the teaching light opens, it becomes available for those who need to access it. Each teacher needs to BE the resonance of the wisdom they need to share with light workers and others now.

It’s time for open sharing of knowledge as a vibration.

The guards and barriers between teachers are old and worn. They were placed there as a false protection for knowledge, and this has been tightly held by some for a long time. As this is a time of connection and collaboration, those separations are naturally dissolving. Competition is being replaced with co-operation. Teachers are needed now to support each other: to listen, learn and transmit teaching simultaneously. As teachers meet, a spark of recognition will set in motion an awakening of codes that contain wisdom to be shared and exchanged amongst teachers.

This will form the basis of a new way of knowledge sharing, and is being created as a higher resonance by the teachers of this time. These teachers are not necessarily publicly known. It is their vibration that’s needed, not their title. They are wisdom keepers, but hold a vibration of teaching.This energy is simply a completion of karmic circles: learning must be followed by teaching to complete the cycle. The sharing of codes that recalibrate the holograms of all involved, is a new way of teaching.

The teacher is not above the knowledge seeker.

Just like a record-keeper crystal, the teacher will attract the seeker and the codes are shared in Divine Order. The seeker will access the teacher, as they would a crystal. The teacher responds vibrationally to the seeker’s request for knowledge. A silent energy exchange signals the codes to be shared and the teaching light flows into the seeker so they may integrate the knowledge they need at that moment.

As each teacher freely radiates this teaching light and keeps it open for others to access, the knowledge that’s needed by the evolving mass will be easily passed on. This light will connect around the world and create a wave of teaching light that will also seed the liberation and expansion of knowledge held by religions and philosophies. The new resonance will be connective and empowering.

The Earth will also call these teachers to open their codes and align with matching frequencies in sacred sites, high energy and portal areas on the planet. This is different to the job of the code activators, who stimulate a shift of codes in others based on what they have uploaded from the Earth core. The wisdom keepers will download holograms into the Earth where needed, so the Divine Mother Crystal and her resonant crystalline assistants, can distribute the holograms in that area. They will be shared from here with the seekers who may not go directly to the wisdom keepers. The holograms will form in alignment with Divine Order. They need not be created or contrived, and to do so will create misalignment.

When you are in sacred places, tune in to the core of the Earth. Open your teaching light and BECOME the resonance that’s needed in that area. Let the light holograms form themselves, then open and release them from your teaching light into the Earth.

The new teaching light brings pure crystal consciousness through all who hold the role of wisdom keeper.

Sensing the whole…
Becoming the whole…
Returning to love.”

Opening to our teaching light

This all seemed so clear to me, but I did ask how we are to access this new teaching light. The answer was very simple: just intend to open it from within you. If it is in your soul agreement to be a wisdom keeper, it will open and flood your subtle energy field with crystal clear white light. The light is soft and radiant, like a quartz crystal. As you open, it will recalibrate your holographic body and shift your vibration like a kaleidoscope. Your subtle energy bodies will naturally begin to respond to wisdom seekers with an answering code. You may feel or see light holograms moving through in the form of mandalas or symbols.

We are all learning this together. It feels very expansive, free and equal. It releases all responsibility carried by teachers and frees them from demands the personality places on this role. And most importantly, it allows the teaching to be shared with ease. The resistance to receiving is shifting and a willingness to learn from the light is returning. We will now just teach in conscious alignment with Divine Order.

I would love to hear your experiences in opening to this new energy.

Much love to all
~ Belinda


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