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There’s such emotion and release happening as we near tomorrow’s super moon in Pisces. Over the past week, a lot of us have been feeling that we don’t know where our boundaries start and end, or how to define ourselves right now.  Last week I had a deep meditation and “download” of information on the importance of DETACHMENT and clearing our sacred space to resonate with just our own vibration.  I’m sharing this experience here, as I feel it may speak to many who are going through similar things.  As always, this is channelled information, so please take from what you feel is for you and allow everything else to flow away…

Returning to our pure, original Source Light

Right now, it is necessary for us to shine the vibration of our pure, original source aspect.   This light is an essence, that we allow to embrace our soul.  What is keeping us from becoming this energy are all the cordings, attachments and dependencies we hold in our energy field.  These consist of cords we’ve  projected out to others, or have accepted into ourselves.  As a whole, when we view the interaction of humankind, these cordings are causing a collision of resonance fields.

For the next spectrum of ascension to activate, we need to become perfectly complete, clear, individual resonance cells that interact exactly as they have been designed for the consciousness to expand to its next Light octave.

This is very difficult to achieve if we are weighted down with attachments. So, it’s time to experience some very deep detaching of karmic ties and cords.  I felt very overwhelmed and burdened by these cords.  They appeared to be intensified at this time.  I asked for help, and my team guided me through this clearing:

A Detachment Process

“I now release EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that has become attached to me, or to which I have become attached. I do this on all levels of my existence, past/present/future and in every dimension in which I exist. I release it all to be recycled and transformed into Divine Love.
In this moment, throughout time and space, I am FREE.
From my heart core, I allow my Divine Resonance to open and recalibrate my whole being. I now resonate with my clear, perfect, Divine purpose in the ascending consciousness of the Earth, and all upon and within her.
I feel myself as a perfectly harmonious cell in the hologram of higher consciousness. As I vibrate in this absolute clarity, so do all others. Together our perfectly tuned vibrations harmonise to create the resonance of ascension.”

At the end of the meditation I had a perfectly clear vision of how my entire energy field was resonating.  It was clear, whole and contained just me.  That allowed my resonance to be in perfect harmony with my original divine blueprint, in its wholeness.  The awareness/knowledge/vibration I hold within my own Akashic Records opened and circled around the Earth to find connection and alchemical interaction with other perfectly resonating individual Divine Blueprints.

The vision then continued to show me the possibility of everyone across the Earth vibrating perfectly in their own resonance.  Lots of perfect “cells” interacting and responding to each other in Divine Order.  As this all connected, it formed a hologram that took humanity’s consciousness to the next spectrum of Light.  BANG!  Done.

I knew if I could become this for just one moment, I could continue to hold that vibration.  Because I had fully aligned with this process, it had changed my DNA and cellular structure.  I will still continue to detach any further cordings that occur through just living life.  The difference is now have this energetic alignment to draw upon and return to when the journey of life becomes tricky.

As we each completely free ourselves to release all the stories we have been carrying, either our own or those we have chosen to accept from others, we make it easier for all others to do the same.  This is the principle of morphic resonance, or the 100th monkey syndrome.

It may sound strange, but the more we stand in our own clarity and resist entanglement or enmeshment with others, the more CONNECTED our world becomes. Detachment is not DISCONNECTION. It is cutting away the negative energy that continues karmic ties and patterns. As we detach, we can more easily connect in a balanced resonance with the world around us.  In the old paradigm, where control underpinned our motives, we thought ENTANGLEMENT was CONNECTION!  This is changing in huge leaps right now as we realise that the cords we create with others through our karmic actions are heavy chains that imprison us.

As we choose to relate in clear connection, our burdens lift and our world becomes Light.

The whole way we interact as a body of people changes too.  When we connect using our heart resonance, a flow of energy moves into and through the other person’s auric field. As it moves through, it sparks recognition, awareness, timely inter-connection and alchemical transformation. The energy then shifts to another spectrum and MOVES ON through that person, having benefited from the connection.

Nothing is weighed down. The purpose for the connection is complete and no binding ties are formed. A harmonious, purposeful, interactive resonance is opened and continues on its journey of concentric circles to complete the Divine Resonance needed.

This experience was Stage 1.  There is more involved, and I shall post later on higher heart resonances.  There is also a unity of all our soul aspects across dimensions working to bridge the heart resonance of our individual hearts with the Divine Cosmic Heart and the Earth Heart.  This, in turn, lifts Humanity’s heart to a new spectrum of light.

It’s a time to be completely understanding of ourselves.  Nurturing and caring for our whole self is so important right now, so be kind to yourself and spend as much time in nature as possible.

Sending rainbows of healing love to everyone right now.

With much love

Photo credit: “Mirrored” by maf04 Flickr Please ensure this link remains with the image if shared.  Thank you. xx

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