Orbs and light essences welcomed us

Hello everyone!

I have waited some time to publish this channelling.  It had to be the right timing in the alignment of our world as we see it and the world we’re moving to.   There have also been huge shifts in transforming the original Cosmic collective karma from within the creator points within our Earth.  I had the message to share this today.

As with any channelling, please take from it what you feel is truth and let the rest go.  I am sharing this as it was given to me by the Star Elders at Uluru.  I didn’t have previous knowledge of this, but I was guided to buy a book to read on the plane home called “Songman” – The Story of an Aboriginal Elder, by Bob Randall.  This is an incredible book, and some of the information which channelled through me was confirmed when I read this book.

Of course, songlines are not unique to Australian Aboriginal culture, and many different native cultures have their stories of these lines.  It felt to me that the Star Elders wanted to share information on songlines with those who may not have had access to this information in their current culture.  This is an overview that I hope sparks a remembrance for you.

Please attune to all of this with an open heart and allow it to flow into your soul’s memories.

A Channelling at Kantju Gorge,
01 July 2012

The beautiful beings of love who were present at the waterhole, and the Cosmic Guardians, welcomed us completely.  As we entered this area, it was as if we entered another dimension.  The rock was completely shape-shifting and vibrating.  There was a distinct veil that we passed through.

As we read the inscription here, it asked that all be quiet and peaceful, to sit still and breathe deeply. We were blessed to be given space here without too many others.  My daughter and I could hear songs being sung, beautiful melodies in our inner heart space.

As I tuned in, these loving beings told me that our songlines were being recovered.  This is what they said:

From the Ancestral and Star Elders


“You all formed your songlines during the time of creation. Each individual has a set of songlines that bind them and connect them to the Earth.  They each placed them there in harmony and direct relationship to others in their soul group, so that a resonance and holographic vibration was formed.

Each lifetime that you returned, you were given the opportunity to re-connect with the origin of your songlines.  Whether you did this or not depended on what must be done in that life.

You always cross your songlines though, and walk them for a time in every life.

You will also have a strong drawing to a part of the world where your origin or song birth is stored.

You belong there, or shall we say, the song that sung you into being originates and belongs there.  So it contains the chords that harmonise your whole being.  As you align with your origin, so you re-align the chords of harmony and purpose in the song of your being, or physical body with attending energy bodies.

Alignment with these songlines and your originating song is essential at this time of the union of worlds and dimensions.  These lines will contain the frequencies you need on Earth to make your transitions into 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional beings on Earth.

The song melodies have a resonance according to your purpose and reflection in relation to all evolving consciousness.  A period of grace will ensure once your songlines are reconnected and that will be a time of reflection, creation, joy and balance.

It will harmonise everyone and everything around you.

Thus your song story will be interwoven across the planet and connected with the higher dimensional star aspects of yourselves and your soul group.  It will also create and overwhelming feeling of peace, like waves of peace, within those others who are aligned with your song story and the stories of all time.

Find your origin point.  Open and allow the recalibration of your songlines, the gentle flow into the memory of your complete harmonisation.  The waves that the soul songlines create will be like a balm and a catalyst equally, reaching many millions of people simultaneously.

Feel your calling and go where you must, to allow this reconnection, this remembrance.  It is time and must be complete.  Our journey is your journey.

We are the Ancestral and Star Elders of the original star seeds.  You grew and were created with the song that brought this world into being.  Remember your tune.

Sing your own songlines across your vibration and let each line spiral and harmonise within your own hologram.  Eventually you will simply be song once more.  Our love will support you.  Your own joy will propel you forward to reconnect, align and link into a pattern that is completely yours.  It’s what you have been missing.

We are the love that you are.  Blessings upon you.

There are “striking” places across the planet, and as you attune to new chords which create melodies within the great song, you will feel connected to these countries.

These “strikes” will give rise to meetings, travels and interactions with people from these areas.  Embrace, embody, follow the melody and include in the whole orchestration of your life.

Tone and sing into the lines within your own patterning, then vibrate these songs across the planet.  This will breathe life back into you.  The song created you.  It is the Love that Is.

Sing again and remember Love in this form.  Awaken with joy.”


Kantju Gorge Waterhole base

At the end of this channelling we remained seated near the base of the gorge.  My whole family felt extreme peace as we sat here.  It was a recovery point:  a place between worlds where a pure harmony existed.  It felt like the point of all possibility.

A great love was everywhere.

I hope this sharing has found a place deep in your heart where it resonates.  I hope that it opens more love for you and that you share this love with all.

With love and gratitude,



The reflection space near Kantju Gorge. It was so peaceful here.
Truly a bridge between worlds.

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