This magical Uluru journey takes you into the
heart of Creation, to expand your cosmic truth 
and connect with deep, sacred wisdom.

Important Notice

Due to the changeable nature of travel mandates and border restrictions, I’ve postponed the next journey until 2023. If you’d like to know when the date is scheduled, simply email me and I’ll keep you informed: I look forward to meeting you in the future. 

Beautiful Soul,

I’m Belinda Pate-Macdonald, and I’d like to invite you to journey with me to a sacred place that feels like the land before time: it’s a place that has been honoured for thousands of years by one of the oldest living cultures… the keepers of the dreamtime stories of creation.

The magic here is indescribable… there’s a connection to the innermost pattern of earth and her star ancestry. A connection Uluru embodies with mystical grace.

As we quietly absorb the incredible power of this land, the sacred songs of the Star Ancestors are felt in our hearts. It feels like a merging of multi-dimensional truth and ancient wisdom, bringing a deep sense of unity and wholeness into our beings.


This is a heartfelt invitation for you to join us, and be 1 of only 7 special souls to experience life-changing transformation and expansion, nurtured by the power of this sacred place.

Why you? And why now?

Allow me to tell my story of how “Bridge of Rainbow Light” came into being, and how the Star Ancestors guided me to take this journey with a small group of enlightened souls.

A few years ago on one of my trips to this special and magical place I was guided to walk alone amongst a cluster of trees. There I felt the powerful presence of the Star Ancestors. I experienced an expansive connection to all parts of nature around me. Everything was consciousness and light. And I remembered that at the point of creation, everything was equal… trees, rocks, mountains, flowers, animals, waterways, sky, and humans.

But as Mother Earth evolved, humans used their power to place themselves at the top of a pyramid. In our search for power, control and riches our connection to Mother Earth and all other consciousness diminished. Only the indigenous people worldwide – the guardians of Earth’s creation – held strongly to the connection with all consciousness. Their teachings and knowledge are anchored in unity. And now the time has come for us humans to return to the Circle of Life. To honour all things, in equal measures, and value.

During my experience with conscious creation I felt myself move through the point of creation, and travel from the Earth’s core into incarnation, into many different forms of nature. My journey was so powerful; it helped me understand the absolute necessity of being connected with all things on Earth, and how that directly affects the flow of my own life.

I understood the greater purpose for this experience when the Star Ancestors asked me to share it with others, by bringing them to this sacred place to have their own experience of the incredible power of creation and wholeness.

And so, this journey
was born.
Uluru tours Uluru retreats Uluru sacred journey

How the journey will unfold…

The group will be small, so that each one of you can receive very personal nurturing. As we travel together and adventure, the Star Ancestors will work with you to shift your hologram, to help you become a magnified vibration of unity.

Each one of you will experience your own re-patterning, re-coding, release and recalibration of your cellular and light bodies. And everybody will experience this differently. So it’s most beneficial for you to remain open, clear and aligned with your soul light. The energy we create together will contribute to significant transformation within our soul groups multi-dimensionally, as the resonance moves gracefully and lovingly through the ethers.

Each day we’ll experience deep connection and expansion. We will respect and honour the traditional owners, by following their protocol whilst on their sacred land. Everyone will experience their own connection to the land and the Star Ancestors. My part is to hold the sacred container of healing and higher vibration for the group, so you may receive and allow the power of this spirit love to work its magic.

Our explorations will be infused with the sacredness of this area. I’ve chosen tours that will give us wonderful connections to the vastness here, and to create vivid memories of the expansive outback.

Everything has been planned with great respect for the Traditional Owners, the Anangu. This is their sacred site. And they’re graciously allowing us to enter their sacred space so that we may experience the incredible beauty and power here. To preserve the sanctity of these ceremonial sites, our channelled messages, processes, teachings and sharing will take place at the resort.

Remember, I’ll be tuning into the Star Ancestors each day, so the itinerary may change, depending on the location we’re asked to visit each day. This journey is absolutely created in each moment, with a fluidity that allows the attunement to be received in divine order.


Let’s take a look at our fluid + spontaneous itinerary…

The flow of our amazing adventure…

Day 1 – Your Arrival at Uluru 

The hotel will provide transfers from Ayers Rock airport.

After everyone has arrived and checked into their rooms, we’ll gather for a connection on the hotel lawn. In the late afternoon, we’ll visit Uluru (about a 20 minute drive). Before we go, we’ll connect with the Ancestors to ask permission to enter their sacred ground. We’ll take a drive around the rock, to absorb the magnificent energy of this sacred site. Sunset over Uluru is amazing, so we may remain here to experience this, and then return to the hotel for a sumptuous buffet dinner.

Day 2

We’ll have an early start today for the Desert Awakenings Tour. We’ll travel in a small 4WD coach across the dunes to a remote site where we’ll view the sunrise. Breakfast will be provided here, and we’ll continue on to the Cultural Centre for an overview of the customs and lore of the local Aboriginal community, the Anangu people. We’ll also visit the Mutitjulu waterhole, and our guide will share stories of the cave paintings and traditional life. (Please note: this tour will be shared with others, as the 4WD coach takes up to 16 people.) You’ll get time for rest in between this and an afternoon connection at the Liru walk.

Day 3

You’ll experience a powerful morning connection at Uluru, where we’ll explore the Mala Walk and the sublime peace of Kantju Gorge. In the afternoon, we’ll gather at the resort and start to explore Unity Consciousness through channellings from the Star Ancestors, and a wisdom sharing. Often I’m called to bring through healing activations and processes that will help you expand and integrate what you’ve experienced in the morning. We’ll also have time for rest and just being, which is so important after deep work.

Day 4

As a group we’ll travel to Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), which is an equally powerful sacred site. We’ll travel together in our own vehicle, and enjoy the hour long drive. Kata Tjuta really feels so multi-dimensional and expansive. There’s a feeling of the core of creation rising from within these rock domes.  We’ll complete the walk to the second lookout at The Valley of the Winds, where we’ll have time to walk amongst the domes.

We’ll be here for most of the day, arriving back late afternoon. There’ll be time for rest and integration before dinner.

Day 5

Today we’ll be guided completely by the Star Ancestors as to where we’ll travel. It may be back to the Mutitjulu waterhole or to another part of Uluru. When we’re back at the resort, we’ll have more group time to share, and finish with a closing circle, giving gratitude to the Elders, Ancestors and spirit of the land. We’ll also release anything we need to complete before we leave.

We’ll have time for resting, before we head out at sunset to view the unique Field of Light installation… an incredible art display comprising thousands of coloured glass spheres that light up at night. As part of this, we’ll have the magical experience of dining in the desert, under the stars. The resident astronomer will help us to understand the magic of the night sky, and we’ll explore the installation close up.

Day 6 – Departure

After breakfast, we’ll prepare for check out. This last day is relaxed and a wonderful time for last minute shopping.  The hotel will provide transfers to the airport.

You’ll leave with a new radiance, empowered and
infused with connection, joy and love. And a new
group of heart-awakened, soul-aligned friends.

As a first time visitor to both Uluru (and Australia!), I was thrilled to join Belinda and the September 2015 group for such a beautiful, rich and powerful experience. Actually, those three words – beautiful, rich, powerful (all in the most holistic sense) – easily describe each session and work I have done with Belinda throughout the years.

Belinda’s ability to move between realms, dimensions and great depths while translating to practical everyday application is a skill I greatly appreciate.

For me, this sacred journey with her was an amazing blend of  focused spiritual intention, channeled information and spiritual guidance, historical exploration and flat-out fun.

The accommodations, transportation,meals, group time/individual time…all worked splendidly. I felt wholly supported in my quest, and I came away with many amazing tools and a much greater, heartfelt understanding of Unity consciousness and connection to all.

This trip was life-changing and transformative from the moment I signed the paperwork – months before the physical trip occurred. That for me was perfection. I was ready. And I am eternally grateful.

Liza Gibhardt

Multimedia Producer - Virginia Beach, USA

This was an experience of a lifetime! It is exactly one week since I returned home from Uluru. Many times a day, memories of moments, feelings, connections, pictures and words come to mind, and delight and re-enchant me.

I believe that I have experienced deep personal transformation, and that this continues to unfold. Since I have been back, my sessions with clients (as a psychologist) have unquestionably been easier and more powerful than before. I seem to cut to the chase and they seem inspired by possibility and hope. What a gift all round!

I was spell-bound by the profundity of our group meditations and by the indescribably beautiful and rich images and concepts Belinda brought through.

Sails in the Desert, the setting, the accommodation, the food, the variety of our days and evenings could not have been better for me – a mix of depth, divine love, lightness, relaxation, fun, beauty and luxury. I felt nurtured and arrived home rested and re-energised.

The organisation was flawless, and Belinda’s generosity and divine gifts of sharing spiritual connection touched my heart. And as if that weren’t enough, all this within the divine sanctuary and magic of Uluru and Kata Tjuta!

I couldn’t recommend this retreat more highly. In fact, I loved our Sacred Connection Journey to Uluru so much that I would like to join Belinda on this journey again – and I’m sure I will!

Wendy McAra

Psychologist, MA (Psych) MAPS - Sydney

Magical moments with the gorgeous ladies
from our previous journeys. Such loving groups
of soul sisters sharing powerful, expansive
experiences with so much joy!

Uluru Sunset dinner

Are you ready to powerfully shift the kaleidoscope
of your life and become a new you?

Just the experience of being in this amazing place propels you into a higher vibration. Imagine if you’re also willing to receive, open and transform, whilst being held in a hologram of multi-dimensional light and connecting with the Star Ancestors. You now have infinite possibilities.

Here’s what you’ll receive and how this can change your life:
  • Reconnection with the essence of conscious creation, which brings alignment with your spiritual blueprint and purpose.
  • A huge infusion of higher cosmic light frequencies into your cellular and light bodies: creating more freedom, awakening, attunement and grace in your life.
  • An upload of ancient knowledge and divine truth from the Akashic Records and your truth maps within the etheric layers of the Earth. This awakens intuitive knowing and supports your creative empowerment in your own world. Knowledge brings clarity and healing.
  • Connection with your multi-dimensional soul aspects, expanding your vision, opening greater possibility and bringing incredible support to manifest your soul desires.
  • An infusion of deep, unconditional love so your heart may open to a new way of loving, and a remembrance of unity that can heal your patterns around love and relationships.
  • All these powerful recalibrations will create a new resonance in your energy field that you’ll unconsciously share with your tribe and those around you. You can make a huge difference to those who share your life, just by being a different source of love & unity.
  • Receiving this incredible transformation is an honour and a gift from Spirit to you. You can change whatever you want to in your life. You can lift the limits you’ve placed on your creative power and invite in the radiance of the cosmos.


Wonderful! Click here for pricing, more information, and a link to book your exploration call with me. We can connect and I’ll answer any questions you may have. Looking forward to our chat!

What’s included + what  you need to provide.

Here’s what’s included:
  • Five nights of 5 Star accommodation at the luxury “Sails in the Desert” in Ayers Rock Resort, either twin share or single room, depending on your choice.
  • Delicious buffet breakfast each morning (or outdoor breakfast on Desert Awakenings tour)
  • Dinner with the group each night at selected (super nice) restaurants within the resort complex.
  • All transfers to and from the airport.
  • Entry fees into the National Park.
  • Two specialised tours, as outlined above: Desert Awakenings and Field of Light experience.
  • I’ll be the group’s driver for the time we are not on a specific tour. We’ll travel in a “people mover” van, similar to a Toyota Tarago.
  • Channelled group sessions, healing + attunement processes, and my skills as a Sacred Soul Alchemist and group energy facilitator. Plus you’ll receive two sessions with me: an activation session before we go and an integration session when we return.
  • This is an energetically powerful place, and I’ll be your spiritual support if something arises and you need help. I’m absolutely here for you.
Here’s what you provide:
  • Your return airfare to Ayers Rock Airport, plus international flights if travelling from overseas.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Lunch each day (breakfast and dinner are quite substantial, so you may only need a snack for lunch).
  • Whatever you’d like drink: bottled water, soft drinks + alcohol (although I recommend abstaining from alcohol whilst on retreat).
  • In-room costs: mini bar or snacks, and laundry.
  • An open heart, compassion, love and your unique gifts.
  • A sense of fun, ready to share with everyone and create a wonderful group energy.

And of course, The Star Ancestors and this multi-dimensional sacred site, will provide a spiritual expansion that will continue to unfold.
A soul-aligned new journey begins when this one ends.
I’m so looking forward to sharing all this magic with you!

Bonuses and Gifts!

  • Entry to a private Facebook group where we can connect and get to know the other participants before we leave for our journey. This group will open three weeks prior to our adventure, and I’ll upload any messages and attunements for you here.
  • This group will stay open after we return, and will be a nurturing, expansive place to share our experiences and stay connected. I’ll also provide energy support within this group for two weeks after we return, to help assimilate the powerful energy received.
  • A welcome gift (surprise, so I can’t tell you about it).
  • A beautiful keepsake photo book featuring places we visited and group photos (mailed to you after our return).
  • Plus you’ll each receive a connection session before we leave and an individual one hour integration session with me after we return, to help you personally integrate what you’ve experienced.

Is this for me?

The Star Ancestors have already connected with those who are called to come.

You may have felt them in your dreams, in signs around you, or perhaps a calling in your heart with no apparent destination. You, as a beautiful guiding light, will intuitively know as soon as you’ve read this if you are intended to be included in this powerful journey. But, just as a check point, this journey is meant for you if:

  • You’re a spiritual adventurer who loves to expand, be free, and explore the universe.
  • You are passionate about  helping the evolution of this world, and are willing to transform yourself to help others transform.
  • You know there’s a new path awaiting you with huge potential, if only you could tap into it.
  • You’re called deep within to connect with truth at all levels, and want to embody this in your everyday life.
  • You have a deep love for the Earth and a soul desire for a new way of living.
  • You want to magnify your soul light and tap into the multi-dimensional resources that are yours to embody.
  • You want to connect with like-hearted souls who are also committed to expanding their vision and spiritual possibilities.
  • You’re truly ready to let everything fall away and recalibrate your life and your world.

Does this sound amazing?  Let’s connect and chat about your
place in this sacred journey. Simply register below to 
start the process.

The possibility of spending a week in Uluru, connecting with Spirit, made my heart leap and so I knew that I had to go! There were seven in our group and meeting most of these lovely people for the “first” time, felt like a reconnection of Soul Family.

Beautiful Uluru expanded our hearts as we journeyed together through spaces filled with wisdom, magic and deep healing. Belinda guided us through with the highest integrity, holding the group energy and each of us individually, in love and compassion.

This allowed us to process what surfaced personally and collectively with ease and enabled us to integrate the healing and wisdom in the teachings that we received each day, gently but powerfully.

All practical aspects of the trip were taken care of thanks to Belinda’s wonderful organisational skills! The accommodation was superb, the food amazing and our daily transport and schedules were well planned and seamless. I really appreciated this as it allowed me to relax, feel safe and focus on my inner journey.

I returned home feeling quite different and renewed on many levels. Belinda’s follow up session and availability to us all was so important and helpful in my integration of the changes I had made and is further testament to her integrity.

The deep connections I made with people, spirit, place and myself, continue to transform my life in ways that I didn’t imagine possible!

My only question is when is the next trip?!

Lorraine Sinnett

Psychotherapist & Spiritual Healer - Sydney

This was my first time to a Sacred Site so I was a bit anxious. From the moment I contacted Belinda, she was amazing. She addressed all of my concerns on a practical level and made me feel completely at ease and reassured that I had an amazing guide for this journey that I could completely trust. This continued throughout the tour. Belinda has an amazing ability to create a special experience at all levels – both the spiritual and the practical. There was no drama or problems, everything flowed so well.

The quality of the energy work was profound. I had some monumental experiences at Uluru and Kata Tjuta that helped me open to whole new levels of consciousness.  It was very special to connect with the spiritual heart of Australia, something I recommend to every person in this country.

What I truly loved was the incredible embodied experience of Unity Consciousness and being in the flow of Creation. Belinda was able to hold the group in this space through her presence and gifts and it really felt like we were living on the New Earth. I made wonderful soul connections with the other people on the trip and we have kept in touch afterwards.

In addition, I was most impressed with the practical side of things. Everything was of a very high standard including a lovely surprise of an amazing gift bag, the accommodation (I loved how we had our own room, a must-have when doing that high energy work) the food (WOW!!)  and the extra special tours. No expense was spared as they say.

My only wish was that it was longer!!! Thank you Belinda and the Star Ancestors for the beautiful gift of this experience.

I highly recommend anyone to share this experience. I have continued to work with Belinda on a personal level and am sure to do further travel with her in the future.

Rebecca Brown

Multi-dimensional Healer & Teacher - Sydney


Wonderful! Register here for pricing, more information on the flow of the booking process, and a link to my online scheduling calendar. Book your free connection call, where we can get to know each other and I can answer any questions you may have. I’m excited to meet you!

Belinda 2
Hello again Earth Angel,

I’m Belinda Pate-Macdonald, your guiding light for this incredible adventure. I’m a Sacred Soul Alchemist, author, multi-dimensional channel, mentor, and facilitator for retreats and sacred connection journeys.

Creating and holding sacred, heart-centred spaces is my joy, and I’ve done this for countless intensive healing courses, workshops and seminars, in Australia and internationally over the past 25 years. I’ve been privileged to assist thousands of heart-awakened souls to embody their divine purpose, passion and belonging in the unfolding pattern of the greater cosmic picture.

Throughout this journey, my gifts will blend in connection with the Star Ancestors and other divine light beings, to hold a sacred hologram of light in which you may experience immense spiritual expansion.

I’ve always had a passion for travel to sacred sites and to feel the immense truth that radiates within these places.  My journeys have taken me all over the world, and I hope many more are to come.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta are very powerful sacred sites that I have visited many times. It was on one of these journeys that I was guided to bring this adventure into being. The Star Ancestors are calling those who are ready to truly embody a new unity, and move to the next dimension of their life and work.

I’m deeply honoured to be of service to you, and to the Divine, by guiding this adventure in the most loving way possible. And, I’m excited and joyful to see how this unfolds and who’ll come together to create some incredible magic!

With much love,


Find out more about my sacred soul alchemy work over at my main website:’d love
to have you visit.

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