Enjoy these beautiful love notes, shared by the amazing soul sisters from previous journeys.

From their hearts to yours ~ the love within is pure.

I attended Belinda’s magical trip to Uluru and Kata Tjuta in 2017 and wouldn’t trade it for anything. What a blessed time of sharing, with such strong connections to each other within minutes of meeting.

Being in the vicinity of one of our planet’s most sacred places is an experience that I will treasure forever. I stepped into my 12 foot tall star body on the second day, and didn’t come back down until our final afternoon. Special interactions and exchanges with Mother Nature were innumerable, however Belinda’s generosity of spirit and true joy at sharing her reverence for the ancestors is what really shines through.

I left feeling like my mission had been recharged, and that I had everything I needed to achieve it. I cannot recommend travelling to Central Australia with Belinda highly enough. If I could attend every year I would, however there are plenty of special people who need this experience too. Much love for your next journey Belinda.

Shelley McConaghy

Crystal Healer - Sydney

Belinda my dear Starry sister: I would like to thank you so much for taking me along on the magical rainbow Journey to Uluru. It was a turning point in my life and one which ‘clicked’ into place so many questions and answers I had been searching for.

Your professionalism has been without fault. You thought of everything, and then some. Our journey was so full of love, support, surprises, connection and deep meditations. I feel recalibrated, clear and full of energy, and I now have a clear direction.

The accomodation, the food, the space, the awesomeness of this extraordinary place, and just being in the presence of this sacred land and the living heart of our country. This experience has to be lived and rejoiced.

Thank you so much Belinda for the sacred transformative journey you have facilitated with love integrity and honour.
Love you.

Nina Angelo, OAM

Author & Celebrant - Central Coast, NSW

The journey I embarked upon this May 2017 to Uluru joining Belinda and six other sacred sisters became and has continued to emerge as one of the most significant pivotal times in my expanding human/spirit adventure.  The journey began long before we boarded the flight from our various homes to gather our energies in Australia’s sacred center.

Belinda received and understood her intention clearly for this group gathering; that of holding the frequency of Unity Consciousness and embracing Oneness.  With Belinda’s gentle guidance she brought this frequency of to each of us individually and to our group.  Prior to our group meeting, Belinda cultivated our group intentionality through her personal inner mediation and guidance, this allowed her to share that frequency with each of us in private sessions, as well as in the planning of our experiences whilst in Uluru. She diligently worked with our group energetically before we came together, during our retreat, and after we each returned to our homes.

On arrival to Uluru, we are engulfed in ease and grace.  Environmental beauty beyond description, our eyes and sensations danced.  We enjoyed meals of abundance as well as activities which enhanced our very being.  The eight of us joined and began to weave an unimaginable fabric of light.  Each sister bringing with her very individual, as well as shared gifts. Open-mindedness, open-heartedness, and sweet love surrounded us in our group gatherings, meditations, activations, walks, talks, formation of new friendships, shared meals, laughs, tears, and complete immersion into sacred land.

The photos, amazingly beautiful memories have become part of my being.  So many gifts were exchanged, the gift of kindness, compassion, friendship, caring, loving; the frequency of Unity Consciousness, Oneness.

Our journey to Uluru came to an end and we returned home, each changed in our own special way.  After returning to our homes, Belinda gave us each a private integration session. The talk as well as the walk of Oneness has become a conscious part of my being.  Challenges continue to present themselves, but often now I am able to smile, feel the frequency and  know that I am a part of the greater picture.

I see myself and my Uluru sisters standing barefoot on the red earth, eight of us together, painted in Mother Earth and Uluru shining in it’s golden glory behind us. I feel more connected now than I have ever felt, to myself, to others, to our beautiful earth and to the universe.  I am in complete gratitude for this very sacred journey to Uluru that Belinda so thoughtfully created for me and my sisters.

Yvette Lohnes

Esoteric Acupuncture Practitioner - Sunshine Coast, Queensland

The possibility of spending a week in Uluru, connecting with Spirit, made my heart leap and so I knew that I had to go! There were seven in our group and meeting most of these lovely people for the “first” time, felt like a reconnection of Soul Family. Beautiful Uluru expanded our hearts as we journeyed together through spaces filled with wisdom, magic and deep healing. Belinda guided us through with the highest integrity, holding the group energy and each of us individually, in love and compassion. This allowed us to process what surfaced personally and collectively with ease and enabled us to integrate the healing and wisdom in the teachings that we received each day, gently but powerfully.

All practical aspects of the trip were taken care of thanks to Belinda’s wonderful organisational skills! The accommodation was superb, the food amazing and our daily transport and schedules were well planned and seemless. I really appreciated this as it allowed me to relax, feel safe and focus on my inner journey.

I returned home feeling quite different and renewed on many levels. Belinda’s follow up session and availability to us all was so important and helpful in my integration of the changes I had made and is further testament to her integrity. The deep connections I made with people, spirit, place and myself, continue to transform my life in ways that I didn’t imagine possible!  

My only question is when is the next trip?!

Lorraine Sinnett

Psychotherapist & Spiritual Healer - Sydney

I went on a calling from within... on a journey to Uluru. It was the most amazing and profound calling i have had, and I'm so grateful I followed.

Belinda is someone I honour, as she walks with love, strength and integrity on her path, sharing this with you in Uluru. With these traits, I learnt how to reconnect to the land, listen and respect the earth around me. I heard, I saw, I felt unity and love everywhere.

I found a new love, not just for me, but for the indigenous people of Australia. I heard them. I made beautiful new friends. I highly and strongly recommend this journey, if you want to make a difference in your life, and for those around you.

Karen Wolfsbauer

Rahanni & Selenite Crystal Healing Practitioner - Pukekohe, New Zealand

This was my first time to a Sacred Site so I was a bit anxious. From the moment I contacted Belinda, she was amazing. She addressed all of my concerns on a practical level and made me feel completely at ease and reassured that I had an amazing guide for this journey that I could completely trust. This continued throughout the tour. Belinda has an amazing ability to create a special experience at all levels - both the spiritual and the practical. There was no drama or problems, everything flowed so well. 

The quality of the energy work was profound. I had some monumental experiences at Uluru and Kata Juta (spelling!!) that helped me open to whole new levels of consciousness.  It was very special to connect with the spiritual heart of Australia, something I recommend to every person in this country.

What I truly loved was the incredible embodied experience of Unity Consciousness and being in the flow of Creation. Belinda was able to hold the group in this space through her presence and gifts and it really felt like we were living on the New Earth. I made wonderful soul connections with the other people on the trip and we have kept in touch afterwards.

In addition, I was most impressed with the practical side of things. Everything was of a very high standard including a lovely surprise of an amazing gift bag, the accommodation (I loved how we had our own room, a must-have when doing that high energy work) the food (WOW!!)  and the extra special tours. No expense was spared as they say.

I must add that I do no consider myself to be an ‘outdoors’ person and was nervous about the walks etc but Belinda was so patient and compassionate with me. It really was easy! I embraced a whole new experience of walking with full presence, what a remarkable gift! Now I spend more time outdoors! My only wish was that it was longer!!! Thank you Belinda and the Star Ancestors for the beautiful gift of this experience. 

I highly recommend anyone to share this experience. I have continued to work with Belinda on a personal level and am sure to do further travel with her in the future. 

Rebecca Brown

Multi-dimensional Healer & Teacher - Sydney

In August 2015 I accompanied Belinda and a group of six other women on the inaugural Sacred Connection Journey to Uluru. It was so powerful and wonderful that I joined the group that went to Uluru in May 2017, hoping that I would again find the experience profound and uplifting. I did. It met my wildest dreams and hopes, and once again I feel incredibly blessed and privileged to experience what we experienced on that journey.

I loved and was inspired by the heart-opening and scintillatingly brilliant meditations that Belinda led each day, connecting and communing with the highest wisdom, love and creativity, opening new gifts and knowing in each of us. I loved connecting with the ancient wisdom and empowerment held in the land and nurtured by the Aboriginal Elders of Uluru. I loved the walks and visits to the caves and sacred sites of Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

I loved the dawn and sunset trips, the dinner under the incredible starry skies, and the awesome Field of Light experience. And everything was to be experienced mindfully, in the moment, and at deeper levels, unearthing layers of knowledge, as revealed to us via Belinda’s channelling.

And then there was the sheer joy and fun of socialising in a group of eight women with their hearts wide open, in the luxurious and beautiful environment of Sails of the Desert. Delicious breakfast and dinners, swimming in the pool, going for walks and relaxing – we did it all. I feel I returned from each journey with a greater depth of insight, empowerment, joy and effectiveness in my work as a psychologist. And I see benefits and positive flow-on effects into the way I handle my personal relationships and in my relationship with my world.

I cannot recommend Belinda’s Spiritual Connection Journeys to Uluru highly enough. In fact, if you are blessed enough to join the next group, you’ll meet me, because I intend accompanying Belinda on her next Spiritual Connection Journey to Uluru.

Wendy McAra

Psychologist, MA (Psych) MAPS - Berry, NSW

As a first time visitor to both Uluru (and Australia!), I was thrilled to join Belinda and the September 2015 group for such a beautiful, rich and powerful experience. Actually, those three words – beautiful, rich, powerful (all in the most holistic sense) – easily describe each session and work I have done with Belinda throughout the years.

Belinda’s ability to move between realms, dimensions and great depths while translating to practical everyday application is a skill I greatly appreciate. For me, this sacred journey with her was an amazing blend of  focused spiritual intention, channeled information and spiritual guidance, historical exploration and flat-out fun.

The accommodations, transportation,meals, group time/individual time…all worked splendidly. I felt wholly supported in my quest, and I came away with many amazing tools and a much greater, heartfelt understanding of Unity consciousness and connection to all.

This trip was life-changing and transformative from the moment I signed the paperwork – months before the physical trip occurred. That for me was perfection. I was ready. And I am internally grateful.

Liza Gibhardt

Multi-media Producer - Virginia Beach, USA

Uluru – just saying it brings back a journey of magic & amazing experiences that I still feel in every cell of my being.

Belinda has an amazing ability to not only connect with you, but also enable you to connect on an even deeper level with the Ancient Ones, the Elders of the Land, the Starbeings, with Spirit and most of all with your true self, your heart and soul.

From the first meeting with Belinda – the joy, the love and the laughter, the heart felt welcoming, the meditations, Uluru at sunrise, sunsets, the walks upon the land of Uluru, Kata Tjuta, the feeling of oneness and belonging, the dancing of the stars in the brilliant night sky – all combined to heighten my awareness of every moment.

Belinda’s knowledge and ability to hold the space to allow whatever was needed to come through for each one of us, along with the heart and mind connection of Divine Love, was incredible.

So, so much more that words cannot express, that you feel, you know. Once you say yes to journeying to Uluru with Belinda, your perception of life will expand and grow… mine certainly did.

Truly an amazing, incredible journey on all levels. From my heart – Thank you Belinda.

Rochelle Lines

Energy Healer - Sunshine Coast, Queensland

I’ve arrived home and beginning to get some rest, but gosh, so much happened, and on so many levels. I would like, once again, to say that I am profoundly grateful and appreciative of ALL the hard work that you put in to our Sacred Journey. Thank you! You cared for, and loved us, in every possible way.

It was, of course, a very important and ‘special’ time for all of us … not only as a group of soul sistars, reuniting once again … but for each one of us personally. For as you mentioned on many occasions, it was meant to be that we gather as a group … but within that group … we all had our different flavours and codes, to add to, and complete the whole.

It truly was life-changing, in so many ways … and all good. What a joy to be able to put aside all,except the vortexes of Love and Compassion in our hearts and simply BE and ALLOW, while you and the Ancestors/Star Ancestors ‘took care of everything’. I am once again, totally grateful to you all! I would so highly recommend this incredible journey to any who feel ‘called’ to participate.

Alessandra Da Pra Love

Energy Healer - Melbourne

I have arrived home safely after an amazing Uluru retreat with the beautiful Belinda. I went with an open heart, clear mind and no expectations – simply to experience the wonder of being on retreat in a sacred space with other beautiful souls looking for a similar experience.

Belinda was outstanding in her leadership and guidance. I found myself being quiet and reflecting and experiencing. Some ordinary but seemingly extraordinary and some extraordinary and seemingly ordinary experiences happened.

I have come home ready for my own Sedona retreats in October. I knew for sure Uluru would help me be ready and thanks to Belinda’s courage to take us there, I am ready. I would highly recommend a retreat with Belinda.

Julie Lewin

Medical Intuitive and Retreat Facilitator - Warwick, Queensland

Travelling on the Sacred Journey to the home of the Aboriginal Anangu, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people in central Australia was an extraordinary Spiritual experience in so many ways. The Anangu teach us to look after and respect these places because they are the beginnings of their Tjukurrpa, the Dreaming creation stories.

Our trip wasn’t just about seeing and photographing Uluru and Kata Tjuta, it was about deeply understanding the significance of these sacred places. At times it felt like we had immersed ourselves in the timelessness of these breathtaking landforms. Belinda’s excellent guidance enabled us to be active participants in our healing re-connection to Spirit and Earth, engendering in us a profound sense of transformation.

It was immediately obvious that Belinda had taken great care to organise our adventure. Our days were filled with mindful, consciousness-expanding presence and Belinda beautifully balanced the Spiritual work with wonderful pre-booked experiences. These included ‘Desert Awakenings’ a pre-sunrise breakfast on a desert dune to watch Uluru embrace the sun’s rays, followed by a guided tour of the base of Uluru with Aboriginal narrations of Dreamtime stories.

My favourite experience was the ‘A Night at the Field of Lights’ once-in-a-lifetime, dinner experience. We were given champagne on arrival at the top of a Southern desert sand dune, with magical views of sunset over Uluru and the distant domes of Kata Tjuta. A delicious dinner under the stars included an engaging, ‘lights out’ lecture by the Resident Astronomer, who pointed out major Southern Hemisphere star constellations with a high powered laser light beam. This amazing experience was the spectacular culmination of this wonderful journey. A journey that was both humbling and expanding because this special place reminds you that, like the stars in the night sky, you too are a part of this timeless, awe-inspiring Universe. Thank you Belinda.

Shauna Bostock-Smith


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