Hello beautiful soul,

I’m Belinda Pate-Macdonald, your guiding light for this sacred journey. I’m a Sacred Soul Alchemist, Author, Channel, Mentor and facilitator for sacred connection journeys and retreats.

I love connecting with heart-awakened souls, just like you, who want to embody their life’s purpose with love and joy. I’m known for my innate ability to bridge the spaces between dimensions and help you expand into your multi-dimensional self, to magnify your divine light.

As a heart-centred spiritual teacher, speaker and workshop leader, I’ve shared the international stage with many luminaries, and helped thousands of people remember their unique, amazing gifts and align their soul’s journey with their truth. Through the alchemy of my gifts, I create deep, sacred healing spaces that inspire, transform and expand your vibration.

Creating and holding these sacred, heart-centred spaces is my joy…

And I’ve done this for countless intensive healing courses, workshops, seminars, and retreats in Australia and internationally over the past 25 years. I’ve been privileged to meet many masters and teachers who have illuminated my own path with incredible love.

I’ve always had a passion for travel to sacred sites and to feel the immense truth that radiates within these places.  My journeys have taken me all over the world, and I hope many more are to come. Wherever I’ve travelled I always feel the soul of the land and the songs of the ancestors calling us all back into wholeness.

Many indigenous cultures believe their ancestors came from the stars, in particular the Pleiades.  As a channel, I’ve experienced spiritual connection to these incredible Star Ancestors and Cosmic Guardians in many sacred sites.  This is what they have shared with me…

“Our beautiful Earth was seeded by the Stars. But even before the Star People came and brought with them keys for planetary Ascension, the Galactic truths were encoded into the core of this planet, awaiting humankind’s remembrance.

We know them now as Ancient Wisdom.

All the knowledge, creativity, Love, truth, wisdom and freedom which we are seeking from the Galactic realms are contained in the holographic blueprint imprinted within the Divine Mother Crystal in Earth’s core.

This centre reflects the Absolute’s Divine Love and is a mirror which shows all truth as we need it.”

~ The Star Ancestors

Sacred sites around the Earth are portals to access this truth…

So it’s incredibly important right now to connect with the sacred earth energy. Uluru and Kata Tjuta are very powerful sacred sites that I have visited many times. It was on one of these journeys that I was guided to bring this adventure into being. The Star Ancestors are calling those who are ready to embrace a new unity and move to the next dimension of their life and work.

Throughout this journey, my gifts will blend in connection with the Star Ancestors and other divine light beings, to hold a sacred hologram of light in which you may experience immense spiritual expansion.

I’m deeply honoured to be of service to you, and to the Divine, by guiding this adventure in the most loving way possible. And, I’m excited and joyful to see how this unfolds and who’ll be coming together to create some incredible magic.

With much love,


Bridge of Rainbow Light is the sacred journey/retreat off-shoot of
Hummingbird Healing. Pop over for a browse. I’d love to connect
with you there too: www.hummingbirdhealing.com.au

The Absolute Magic of Orbs

I photographed this amazing image a few years ago on one of our family adventures to Uluru, and didn’t realise that the Star Ancestors were making their presence very clear to us at precisely that moment!

What a surprise and joy to see these beautiful orbs rushing in to greet us. We all received so much love and blessings on this particular trip. No matter how many times I return, it’s always completely breath-taking, humbling and incredibly expansive.

The magic of the invisible is all around us, and I would love you to experience this incredible energy.

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