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World Heritage listed, these sacred sites are located in a remote desert region, around 450km from the nearest city of Alice Springs. The desert is a vast landscape, subject to extremes of temperature. It has an indescribable beauty and presence that brings a feeling of freedom, humility and wonder to all who visit.

Even though the photos give you a sense of the incredible power and majesty, nothing quite prepares you for the physical presence of both these amazing places.

Aboriginal Culture

The traditional owners, the Anangu, still live here and practice their sacred rituals. Tjukurpa is the basis of their existence: the foundation upon which their culture is built. This truth is too varied and deep in meaning to explore here, but it is the law of caring for each other and the land that supports them. It is past, present and future simultaneously, and speaks to the relationship between humans, animals, plants and the land.

The dreamtime stories of creation are part of Aboriginal culture, and the Anangu people believe that Uluru is the point of original creation, where their Ancestors (Tjukuritja) emerged from the void, creating the landscape and bringing life to the Earth through their journeys (iwara).

You’ll learn more about the cultural significance of Uluru and Kata Tjuta on our first tour, “Desert Awakenings”. Throughout our journey, we’ll ensure that we respect the traditional owners and their relationship with these very important sacred places.

In honour of their wishes, part of the requirement for this journey is that we do not climb Uluru, as it is a sacred site. Although there is a climb available, when you read the full story, you’ll completely understand why we choose not to use it.

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Sacred wisdom of Kata Tjuta

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On previous journeys to the beautiful Red Centre, I’ve been blessed to received channelled messages from the Star Ancestors. Here are links to a few blog posts from the archives, which may give you a deeper sense of how the energy of these sacred sites affect you profoundly.

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These channellings are also energetic holograms. They are keys that transport you across time and space, opening you to receive the truth that resonates there.

I’m incredibly excited to be your guiding light for this sacred journey. There are only seven places available for this life-changing adventure, with a group of heart-awakened Earth Angels. If you feel the call, register now on the link below, so we can connect and let the process unfold.

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