Hello everyone!

Everything is changing so quickly right now. What we thought was safe and secure is quickly being pulled out from underneath us as our Soul Light blueprints activate in other dimensions, calling us to be soul expressed personalities. New ways of creating are popping up before our eyes and our thoughts are manifesting quicker than we believed possible. We are stepping inexorably into the dynamic flow of our Essence, that is guiding our Soul Light to merge through our personalities and create a different interactive connection everywhere.  We are becoming our Authentic Selves, a blend of starlit awareness and grounded human wisdom, held together in the fabric of Divine Love.

Let your doubts become questions

With the intensity of the energy that is stripping away what is not authentic to our soul path, we may become plagued by doubt.  Be aware that every doubt will also manifest, so use your loving intention, coupled with Divine Love to transform these doubts as they arise. Speak to them kindly and let them know you are ready to take the next evolutionary step in creation which asks that all doubts be negated of fear. This leaves them free to be “questions” rather than doubts, moving in when you need to decide on the lightest path to take. Hold tight, the ride is wild, but also exhilarating.

Everything you always wanted is right here, right now. Accept it into being. Allow it to enter.  Let your personality be soul-immersed and give it time to catch up to what your personal “incarnational” hologram has manifested, aligned with your Soul Light and the universal hologram IN DIVINE ORDER.

Remember your multi-dimensional self

We are really now experiencing LOVE IN ACTION. We are exactly that. Remember this when you feel that your world is falling apart. It’s just part of the creative process and the love that you are activating and acting upon will re-create an even greater life for you, for us all.

You are not alone! We are all responding to a multi-dimensional holographic shift. We must move quickly to be in the perfect vibration so the next key in the code can be turned, the holons re-aligned and that ripple effect stream out so all can simultaneously shift.  This time, Spirit won’t wait for you to ponder your path or make excuses for changing platforms.  There is a mass consciousness upgrade to soul connected living.  The whole of the evolving consciousness is opening to accept this now. The Lightworkers will accelerate their patterning to become the “way-pointers”.  This seemingly hasty and enormous shift will make it easier for everyone else to open, through the process of morphic resonance.

We are code keys that really need to reach a certain vibratory frequency so that when we spin our energy field, the resonance sends healing/recognition to many others.
This new resonance is transferred through the pores of the skin (osmosis) and holds a space for the recipients to make a similar shift in vibration, spinning this through their field and into the Earth grid.

The wheels are spinning and connecting.  And so it moves on, activating each vibrational shift and re-patterning the universal hologram, in Divine timing.

Time to stop playing small, pretending to be less than you are.

It serves everyone better to step up to your empowerment, balanced in Divine Love, which allows you to contribute from your greatness but keep your Ego aligned with the understanding that EVERYONE is uniquely great.

Your power is needed right now to inspire others to take great leaps that they may fear. Your Soul Light is needed to guide the way with courage, love and knowing that the leap will take each to their perfect destination.  Your updated teaching energy is manifesting now.  Move into this role with the knowledge that as you teach, so you also learn.  No experience (in this lifetime) necessary.  Your Essence will guide your actions.  People will come to you for the wisdom and keys you hold.

This is the only requirement of your new teaching role:  Be the Authentic YOU.

Remember, AS ABOVE – SO BELOW.  Connect to the Stars, expand into your own multi-dimensional hologram, then beyond that into the universal and cosmic holograms.  Then bring it all down into the core of the Earth and ground it in the heart of Earth, the Divine Mother Crystal.  Re-pattern all blueprints that have kept you small, tight and restricted.  Re-connect all blueprints which are out of alignment.  Open to communication from new channels within your incarnational holographic field.  As your vibration becomes finer, these new channels will make themselves clear.  You’ll receive more concentrated healing energy and clearly coded messages.  Trust your heart and Soul Light to show you how to make these connections.

I’m completely with you.  My life is emptying and becoming huge simultaneously.  The more I let go, the greater the healing energy pours through me.  Every excuse I’ve ever made feels like a forged sick note from school.   I can’t lie to myself to avoid expanding.  I’m accepting, opening, becoming a Lighthouse and loving myself as much as possible along the way.  May you ride these waves of supercharged crystalline light with integrity and grace.

With oceans of love and empathy…

Belinda xxx

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