Hello Earth Angels,

I’ve been receiving a lot of messages and insight into the importance (in the bigger picture) of connecting to our own truth maps within the earth… those light resonance patterns that we grounded and stored from past/present/future lives. My Spirit Team gently nudged me to re-share an archived message from 2013 about clearing fears around the Scriptures of Truth. This feels like it needs to reach a new wave of souls so they may do their part in restoring their contributions to truth.

As always when you connect with this message, just absorb what feels right for you and let the rest flow away with love.

Uluru orbs


Here’s a remembrance that we all know in our hearts, but not many talk of. With the enormous shifts that have occurred in the past two years, and the grounding of the New Age of Love coming in powerfully during the next few years, it’s time for more openness and awareness to the truths that we have right here on Earth.

The Scriptures of Truth are a vibrational  pattern, a series of holograms, containing pure truth from the Source about the core of consciousness, its progress and the future of this planet. They contain pure potential and align with Cosmic multi-dimensional encodements which support our Earth’s ascension. They were patterned by the Earth Guardians in the Creation time and activated when Earth was first seeded by our Star Ancestors.

But there was a snag to this… not every being on the Earth would use these truths with Love. The early races of Dracos and Reptilians were unable to feel or use Love, and remained technologically advanced but devoid of Love.

So, to protect these truths from being misused, “darkness” (confusion, fear, control, absence of love) was placed around them as a barrier to seeing the Light contained within. If you viewed them with darkness in your heart, you would merge with the darkness and stop there.  Of course, if you viewed them with pure love in your heart, you could absorb the Light of what only you needed at that moment.

This way the Scriptures would not be fully accessed until the consciousness on Earth evolved to a point where we could reclaim this eternal wisdom as an enlightening vibration. These truths have been slowly releasing as we all grew in light awareness and as the recent shifts have moved us all forward dramatically, it’s time to go deeper.

Right now Light messengers are being called to help Mother Earth transform the “protection” around these truths which have been held in power sites and sacred sites globally. You’ll find these places in your local area too, particularly in mountains and trees. See if you can tune into them and understand their message. The mountains in particular are doing a major transformative job at present, transmuting the layers beneath them which are carrying the masks to truth.

So Lightworkers everywhere are feeling this underlying energy of hoarding and density. Those who are Earth Keepers and who work with Temple, Earth Keeper, Atlantean and Lemurian crystals are very sensitive to this and will feel it acutely.

A transformation process:

I have been given a process to assist in transforming this earth energy.  This is a task carried out from the heart, to not only help our dear Earth Mother but also all of the people on this planet who are ready to receive more of these truths.  As the blocks from the inner earth transform, it will make it easier for those who are ready to absorb and translate these truths to release their own blocks.

If you feel called to help Mother Earth transform the inner earth layers which are ready to evolve, here is one way you could assist:

Stand upon the earth with your feet bare.  Embrace the vibration of connection. Let all layers of yourself merge and balance with not only the multidimensional aspects but also with the Light within Mother Earth.

Palms facing upwards, and out from beside your body, bring the Divine light of Lemuria into your crown and up from the earth through your feet simultaneously. Let it move to your heart. Call the vibration of ancient knowledge into your heart and ask that this wisdom release the density around the scriptures of truth within the earth.

As you ask this, visualise Light and colour moving through your own energy field and through the area around you, however large that needs to be. Sometimes it’s whole cities, countries or just your local neighbourhood.

See a spiral of Light open around you and allow the distorted energies which need to evolve to enter this spiral for transformation. Keep this open as long as is needed to lift it from your own energy field and then hold the intention that the spiral/vortex remains open to complete the transformation.

Ask that all those who are ready to open their hearts and receive the pure vibration of Cosmic Truth now let it blend with them…. wherever they are. They may be part of your soul group, and you may be acting as a catalyst for your whole group to absorb these truths by morphic resonance (by receiving it yourself and creating a ripple effect to those connected on a soul level with you).

Create a crystal hologram of light around yourself, asking for it to contain what is needed to transform any remaining negativity and let your energy return to its pure state.

Check in periodically to see if there is any further energy input required to finish.  The length of time will vary according to the density to be transformed.”

For those of you who have read this previously, it may be a gentle reminder to tune in to the Scriptures again and help the release of Cosmic Truth. Thank you all for being part of this energetic sharing.  I hope it brings love and clarity to your hearts.

~ with love Belinda

***Just be aware that this process will only work if you have Love in your heart.  Those who approach these layers to transform them with any other motive other than service to All, will stop at the layers of “protection”.***

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