Hello radiant hearts!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve connected with you all here. So much has been processing, moving and re-shaping. This is all wonderful, as there is so much to share as well. One of my most powerful experiences was being immersed in the Rainbow Unity Consciousness and the wisdom of the Star Ancestors that came through with it.

I was asked at the time to make this energy and information available to everyone, so you can connect and receive the alignment if you feel drawn to.  What I share is, of course, my experience together with direct channelling. It is shared with Love, so please do take what you feel is right for you and just allow all else to release.


Aligning with the Rainbow Light Energy

Travelling to Rainbow Beach here in Queensland is always an adventure, and one of my favourite trips.  Driving along the beach, past the incredibly beautiful coloured sands to Double Island Point is like going back into a timeless eternity.  Did you know that some of these dunes are around 700,000 years old? You can just imagine the energy they contain and magnify through the crystal composition of the sand. It is truly amazing.

Today, I would love to share some wisdom that I received whilst I was there in early April this year. Even though this was quite a personal experience, I feel a lot of you will relate to it, and the information brought through is relevant for everyone. So, here it is, through my eyes and energy.

On this trip I hadn’t expected any messages to come through as we were just holidaying with family, but as we arrived at Double Island Point, the Star Ancestors were awaiting me. They always choose a certain area of the dunes to communicate through and I found them in a majestic dune near our day camp.  As we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves, I immersed myself in their amazing energy for a few hours.

Rainbow Essence Streams

The day was just beautiful, so I went for a swim in the channel that flows out to the ocean. As I floated there, connecting to the Ancestors, I felt tightness in my solar plexus. It was like tightly wound threads moving up and down, which started to unravel, open and release.

I was shown that these unravelling threads are like the strands of DNA that are connected to the Earth essence patterns we each created in the Creation phase of Gaia. As they unwound, I felt the energy open and connect to Inner Earth channels: streams and swirls of white light containing the rainbow spectrum and matching energy.

These streams received codes from my streams. They accepted and integrated them with much love. It felt like I was connecting to the core of Earth energy from which I descended in the time of creation.

This wisdom came through very strongly:

“All those who are healers upon this planet now need to BE the healing light they ask to connect to. The healing light you receive from Spirit is a mirror of your own light. You need to start seeing healing energy as a response to the spark of light within you.

So the healing vibration you “receive” actually comes from you – your Spirit/Godself within – not from seemingly outside sources. It directly reflects your own Light. As you strengthen your Light, the amount of healing you can receive and reflect increases. As within, so without.”


I was then guided to use rainbow holograms (imagine them as a collection of mandalas all interlinked to bring the perfect healing energy needed in any moment) to transform and release any remaining control energies from other lifetimes or dimensions.

The darkness, or shadow, is trying hard to test the commitment of those holding the Light for the shifting of ages, but it can only hold onto our own control patterns. It will attach to them and intensify their presence in order to pinpoint them and make us take notice. Once we see them clearly, we can more easily release the control.

So if you’re feeling your old shadow energy revisiting you right now, allow it to be a highlight of what is ready to be shifted. It’s so easy otherwise to become disheartened or feel that you are overwhelmed. The rainbow energy was very effective in releasing the control, as it contained a balanced unity spectrum.

The strongest wisdom I absorbed from this experience is to LOVE all aspects of ourselves. If we experience darkness, don’t judge it. Allow Love to pass through it, transform it and re-balance it.

Earth Essence Alignment at the Carlo Sand Blow

The next day we visited the Carlo Sand Blow, which is an incredible expanse of sand that leads out to the ocean. The view is just amazing and the energy is equally powerful.

We arrived just after it had rained and the air was fresh and vibrant. The Star Ancestors were awaiting and welcomed me.   It was late in the afternoon and, because of the rain, there was hardly anyone around. Perfect.

I found the right space quite high up on the dune, which gave me an expansive perspective over the sand blow, across the ocean and directly over to Fraser Island which is a powerful and amazing Earth Energy chakra point.

I drew a circle in the sand and sat within it.

As soon as I sat down I connected to the Earth Heart or Divine Mother Crystal within the Earth, and simultaneously with the Cosmic Heart in the centre of the Cosmos.

The streams of rainbow energy I felt the day before activated and were now like spirals moving in and around, each forming a rainbow. These are Earth Essence connectors that activate within Lightworkers when they are ready to bridge different aspects of consciousness.

Codes began moving from within me, into the Earth and connecting to similar flows of spirallic rainbow energy there. They then returned to me, moved through me and up into the Cosmic Heart centre.

Channelling – Rainbow Unity Consciousness: A bridge between dimensions

I received the following wisdom from the Star Ancestors:

Rainbow energy is the vibration of creative unity. It is the energy that bridges dimensions because it contains the full colour spectrum. Encoded within each colour is a unifying link that forms a part of the Light bridge being built through conscious, loving intention by Lightworkers, connected to their Star ancestry on Earth and in the Cosmic realms….

The rainbow energy is unity consciousness. As it expands within each one who allows it to open, it will teach how the flow will move through them so they become clear, creative bridge builders.

It is a loving, unifying vibration that allows re-union, for all of this is blending the past with the future, in present clear action. Each of you who embrace the rainbow vibration will accept a quantum shift.

You will allow yourselves to see your true identity and energetic structure completely. Your underlying Light codes and vibration will be made clear. This is what is under the physical appearance and beyond your concept of an external Light Body.  It is the pattern of your Light cells, in rainbow form, within the core of your matrix or rainbow hologram. The building and creation of these bridges, which may also be known as holographic unification spans, is an essential part of the ascension process.

The more you use rainbow unity consciousness, the easier it will be for others to feel and see the unification spans moving between worlds.  All of this is done through the blending of your hearts with the unity codes contained in the holographic fields supporting the bridging of dimensions/worlds.

You are, together, creating a support of unity – a bridge of unity – so all can cross together.

Unification is very important now – having all parts of yourself working in harmony rather than fighting against each other. This not only relates to creating and manifesting in your own life, but also to creating a strong fabric of love, consciously, from this world to the next.

Drawing in the new consciousness of the higher dimensional world that is available to merge with the existing Earth, will subtly feed the minds and hearts of those who appear to be unconscious of the need for change.

It is in the reaching out and asking for this higher energy to become part of your lives that is more easily grounded. In order for it to flow in, there must be an opening or connection point. Permission must be given. In unifying your own vibration and asking to receive and connect to this frequency, it will be more easily experienced everywhere….

All those who make this connection are quietly building connective links – Bridges of Rainbow Light. As they walk the Earth with these links, they subtly pass on the possibilities.

Whatever you are at war with internally needs to be brought to peace. It is what creates opposition in your world. The Rainbow Unity Consciousness will work powerfully to draw the aspects of you that feel unloved, unheard, scared and defiant, into the arc of Love. From there, you may heal and transform them. And so it is.” ~ The Star Ancestors


And so a seemingly simple family holiday became a powerful healing for all of us. We left with such a feeling of transformation and renewal that continued to flow into our lives and teach us each day.  New understandings keep flowing through and the more we draw upon this Rainbow Unity Consciousness and learn from it, the more our awareness creates incredible new opportunities in our lives.

I feel very grateful and honoured to have experienced all of this, and to be able to share it with you.

I would love to hear your feelings and how this resonates with you.

With love

Belinda xxx




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