Beautiful friends, there is some very challenging energy around at the moment, coming from the core of the earth and exacerbated by the current solar flares.  For those of you who have been feeling extremely under pressure and struggling to keep up, I have some information that my “team” wanted me to share with you, sooner than later.

I hope this resonates on some level with you.  Personally, I’ve been through a huge experience with this particular transformation.  It started a few weeks ago and peaked in the last few days.  I’m still feeling a bit exhausted today, but I was encouraged to share this as a support for anyone else feeling exhausted, weepy and overwhelmed.

A message from Spirit:

There are some quite dramatic shifts occurring within the Creation Core of Mother Earth.  Where the points of Creation are stored, so too is the collective karma of the evolving consciousness here, and that of Gaia herself. Right now, this karma is coming up for review, transformation and integration so that the next shift in mind awareness into an “us” mentality and out of a “me” mentality may take place.

There may be a key soul, or “sponsoring soul” within your soul group who will stimulate a focus on this uprising energy.  So you may find that someone key in your life needs help in some way that involves many people focusing their healing energy to that person, or opening their hearts in love simultaneously. From your soul, in alignment with contracts you have agreed to, you will feel a connection into this healing dynamic.  The energy will start to process through you.  You may feel it moving through your bodies as a heaviness, intense tiredness, shadow, or cloaking sensation.

This will pass.

Strengthen your own Soul Light

The key is to release all fear as this energy moves through.  You are being called upon to be a vehicle for release of the mass fear that accompanies change and evolution.  This movement is at a soul level and your soul is intrinsically connected to the healing that the Sponsoring Soul is bringing forward for all to activate.

The darkness that is releasing from the core of creation within the earth is simply a karmic balance that needs to be transformed to allow the new energy of co-creation and attunement to the needs of others in the whole.  In its essence, this darkness is just an absence of Light.  As it moves through you, release your own fear and strengthen your own soul light.  This is important, because it will accelerate the process of recycling this darkness into new consciousness.

Contained within the darkness are all the learnings that have been experienced in relation to this shift in “us” and “me” consciousness.  As you allow your own soul light to illuminate without boundaries, the Source will respond to increase your own light vibration within your current physical experience, correspondingly.  So your soul light will shine volumes brighter and, as it transforms the darkness moving through you, the different vibration will decode elements of knowledge hidden in the darkness.  Your light will birth this wisdom out of the darkness and into the etheric light body of the earth.

Here it will vibrate with intensity and be available for anyone who is ready to download it.  It will shift and adjust their subtle bodies and they may integrate a new consciousness of inclusion and compassion.

A shift in relationships

While this is happening, be gentle with yourselves.  Take time to breathe, listen to music, meditate and return to nature.  Place yourself in a high vibration, where you can uplift your own energy and rise above the fear that will be felt.  It is all an undergoing and will be complete very soon.

As the hologram shifts and renews, the brightness will return.  It must re-pattern this time from the Creation Core out to the Cosmic Light Source and back to the Earth.  You will experience the shifts on all levels, from personal relationships, to global relationships and in particular the relationship people have with Mother Earth.

This new energy will foster an attitude of working in harmony rather in separation and selfishness.

Remember that you are always loved.  Connect to that steadfast and permanent love that is in your Divine Heart.  Be nourished and nurtured by this love so you are able to fully illuminate your soul light.  Be love.

So, that is the essence of the message which I received over many days.  Thank you for sharing in this.  I really hope it helps make your experience of these shifts a little easier.

Much love to all


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