Kata Tjuta is a circle of rock domes and is immensely sacred… you can just feel the sanctity of the ground as you walk upon.  It shimmers with a glimpse of other dimensions, yet it hovers at Earth level and draws from the core of truth within Mother Earth herself.

It is known in Aboriginal lore as a centre of ancient wisdom and sacred rites.

I have been here many times, and it always feels like the place I began.  It fills my soul and touches me deeply.  My family and I walked the whole circuit of The Valley of the Winds and breathed in the magic.  I felt the Cosmic Guardians and Ancient Elders present.  Later that night as I meditated, I was inspired by Spirit to write this message.  As it is more or less a channelling, I have kept it in its original form, as it was brought through on 30 June 2012.

Honouring the Elders

Whenever we enter these sacred sites, physically or etherically, it is necessary to ask permission from the Ancient Elders of the area and also the Cosmic Guardians. The key to access is a completely open heart.  Within your heart, ask for permission to enter.  State your purpose, and you will feel whether or not you have been granted access.  If your heart lifts and opens even more, then you may proceed.  If your heart contracts, then it is best to wait until another time.


It feels like the land before time

The rock domes at Kata Tjuta look as if they are shape-shifting.  They vibrate with ancient and Cosmic knowledge simultaneously.  The conglomerate nature of the domes is like a piecing together of truths.

As we walked inside the dome circle, we felt surrounded by Love and felt the timelessness of this place.

The Valley of the Winds is both ancient and futuristic in vibration…. Past, present and future merging into one.  It’s a place I felt instantly connected to and which transported me multidimensionally into many different levels of Knowledge.

There is a bridge area as you descend the climb from the first lookout. This is the place I saw from a distance two years ago and knew I had to go there.  I felt it is the starting point of all Knowledge.

 A cornucopia of creation

As I sat in a dry river bed, the Cosmic Guardians came through, but they were joined by the Ancient Elders and Gatekeepers of Knowledge. I was told that this was the River of Divine Consciousness where all creation started.  It is Eden, it is the flow of life essence.

If we looked only with our physical eyes, this would seem to be contradictory… the external vision being dry and empty.  Yet we could see the absolute cornucopia of creation here when we looked with our inner vision.

As I sat there this “team” began to fill me (and then my family too) with Love and Truth.  They said that the cells of our bodies were filling with Love, so that the truth can then enter.  All falsehoods are released.

(As I am writing this, they are also saying that all who read this may enter into the same vibration and receive the energy.)

Connecting to our stored knowledge from other lifetimes

I felt an upload and download.  I was accessing truth which I had placed there from other lifetimes.  And I was adding more from the journeys I had taken and also accessing future knowledge and truth to bring to this time/space.

I was told that the Code Activators were to take this Knowledge and Truth out into the world and share it through osmosis with others – just by carrying it in the cells of their bodies and vibrating with that Light.

As we absorbed this, we were guided to focus as a group on all the areas of the Earth that needed this Love energy – to clear fear and distortion which came from mass consciousness thought-forms.  I saw that this fear had formed cracks from inside the Earth upwards to the surface.  As the Love entered, the cracks which the fear had formed were then filled with vibrations of Love.

Through this Love, a new vibratory pattern, or hologram, was then placed in that area and the hologram spun and healed/transformed the fissure.  It became Light again.


Releasing Regret

As we walked further there was an area of rock formations that filled us with longing.  I was told and shown that we were passing through “The Valley of Regrets”.  All Regret was to be transformed into Love as these regrets have been holding us back as a race.

We sat quietly here and allowed ourselves to be immersed in the Love which would transform all regret, leaving the past free to transform and become Creative once more.

The Sacred Circle

The circular rock formation creates a circle of trust, wisdom and fusion into many different dimensions.  A perfect place to focus upon when you wish to journey in your meditations.

The Cosmic Guardians indicate that anyone who approaches with an open heart may enter these gates of truth and, in their meditations, upload and download knowledge and truth.  Perhaps there is a vibrational seed in this sharing which will spark a remembrance and you will be inspired to meditate in this sacred circle.

This whole journey was inspiring and absolutely magical.  We all felt re-patterned and attuned to the Earth’s core truth and the greater Cosmic plan.

Love to all ~ Belinda

Both photos were taken on our walk through the sacred circle of Kata Tjuta.  My heart just sings here.


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