It is with a loving heart that I invite you to join in this sacred space. Here is a brief description of what this blog is about.

Our beautiful Earth was seeded by the Stars. But even before the Star People came and brought with them keys for planetary Ascension, the Galactic truths were encoded into the core of this planet, awaiting humankind’s remembrance. We know them now as Ancient Wisdom.

All the knowledge, creativity, Love, truth, wisdom and freedom which we are seeking from the Galactic realms are contained in the holographic blueprint imprinted within the Divine Mother Crystal in Earth’s core. This centre reflects the Absolute’s Divine Love and is a mirror which shows all truth as we need it.

Here within this space for sharing, I hope to bring forward vibrational channellings which will help us all understand that we can access higher truths from within the Earth. It’s easily done when we focus with Love in our hearts and connect into the patterning that is true for us. This connects into the blueprint within Earth and then opens up volumes of Akashic Record truths for you to share through your “beingness” with others.

Of course, you are free to take from these channellings what you want…. and simply discard the rest. Whatever resonates with you is what you are intended to receive. It is all shared with Love and in the essence of Service.

“Love All, Serve All” ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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